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Alumz - Testimonials

I get lots of great support for the communities that we are building. I just want you guys to know that I read the message boards and emails and greatly appreciate the support. It makes the work fun and definitely worthwhile. Thanks so much!

I decided to share some of the comments with you guys:

"I could never applaud you enough for this excellant site, THANK-YOU! Your site is priceless in every way!"

"Great Job Mark! I was having the exact same feeling about making people pay to keep in touch with old friends."

"I would like to say your site is the best. I have been able to reconnect with many of my old friends. Thank you so much for doing this!"
7/15/2008Jerry Whitlock-Garinger Class of 1969    

"Thank you this site is the best thing since I graduated!"

"God Bless you and your company for what you are doing!!!!!"

"I love this site."

" I had to pay a $10 fee to my Alumni website to be allowed to share emails with old friends there - and they only had two people from my graduating class on their site! We appreciate what you are doing."

"Love it...Thank you."

"The work you done on our school alumni page was terrific. Several have signed up and really think it is so nice. Keep up the great work. Thank You, and God Bless."

"Love your site! Thank you for your hard work!"

"Thanks for providing a free, easy-to-use service like this. Kudos!"

"Thanks for the awesome job you do on this website."

"I wanted to thank you for your website. It is awesome."

"I tell all my friends about your site. It is really great."

"I think this service is wonderful. I will tell everyone I know about this."

"Thanks so much keep up the great job. I have almost gotten my entire class to sign here."

"I'm very impressed with the way you researched and re-wrote the "In Memoriams" that I sent you. Great job! You put other sites to shame. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you SO much for your help we all look very forward to utilizing the site….Thanks a million for a great service."

"The website is wonderful. I was really impressed when i went in to sign up. I graduated in 1979 and was glad to see so many people from the 70's signing up."

"Thank you so much for the service you provide. I have become email buddies with four classmates I didn't know while attending high school ( we had over 600 students in our graduating class)."

"Just wanted to say "thanks" for setting up this really neat website. I signed up about a year ago and it's always a pleasure returning to it to see what's new."

"This is a great service. A lot of my peers have blocked Classmates . com because of the constant harassment of emails to have one join as a paid member. You are providing a wonderful service for ALL the schools."

"Mark, I just love Alumz! I have been passing the word to everyone I know and they are joining me. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you for your quick response Mark (smiles). Take care and have a wonderful week!"

"I also wanted to say thanks. I missed my 20 year reunion this year so I've really enjoyed catching up on everyone's news on your site :)"

"Thanks for having such a website that enables us to find old classmates and news of any possible reunions without soaking us for every little e-mail."

"Thank you so much. The site looks great. It will take some time to get a roster built but it will happen. I can't believe it's totally free. I'm hoping lots of past classes and friends can reconnect."

"I would like to start by saying Thank You for this site. It is absolutely wonderful. I am so glad that you have offered such a great opportunity for everyone without making us pay for it. THANK YOU!!!"

"I really appreciate the Alumz.com website. I am trying to recruit as many of my classmates as I can. I don't like the fact that one of the other websites requires you to pay for information such as email addresses. Email has helped me stay in touch with people I haven't seen in years."

"I think Alumz.com is fantastic! Thanks."

"It's so nice to see your site becoming so successful."

"I want to commend you for setting up a site that allows our School alumni to reconnect. We write in year books that we will always stay together and life then sends you in all directions, and it is easy to lose sight of the past. You made the re-connection possible. Without hidden agendas."

"Would hope that many others find this site (as I did by accident today)....puts Classmates to shame...I applaud you for your work and efforts.....and I hope it grows and grows"

"I just recently found your site and, I think it is awesome! It's such a nice way to help people find long lost friends!"

"I'm so glad you invented this website, best of all its free. Classmates was ok at first but they could not keep their information up to date. After going here I have more emails coming in. Again thanks!!"

"Many thanks to you Mark!! Your info will really be a big help to me and many more."

"This is a great site and I am hoping more people will sign up b/c there are alot of people I have lost touch since I graduated."

"I have my entire 156 group class getting over to the new site. I will send a link to everyone who has ever attended my high school and get them over to your site. Thanks for the very cool site."

"I just want to thank you for creating this site. I have recently reconnected with a family member i haven't seen since the early 70's. Thank you so much! I honestly believe if i wasn't a member at Alumz that she and i never would have reconnected."

"I kept going to classmates and seeing quite a few conversations I would have liked to comment on. I just didn't want to pay for it."

"You're doing such a terrific job.. and thanks for all your hard work! :)"

"This is the only website that allows us to post this information for free. We can use this contact information to schedule events and keep in touch"

"Just learned of this Site--you/we can actually FIND someone AND contact them FREE!"

"My memership at classmates ends at the end of the year and quite frankly, I'd rather not pay classmates again."

"Well, I love that this site is free and has a lot of different features! Thanks to the host for doing this!"

"So good to have a site to go to almost everyday and get with my friends."

"I'm glad to see someone that really has the interests of the various alumni at heart and not just making a buck."

"Wow, what a site! I wish this was up a year or two ago, we may have been better able to get the word out about our 30 year reunion."

"What a wonderful thing you are doing here! Keep up the good work!"

"WOW.. it's so nice to finally see there's actually a free classmates site to find and keep in contact without having to pay....you'rer a dream come true..thank you so much!!!"

"Thank you so much for creating this wonderful resource! I'm excited to be a member!"

"Great website!"

"I love the site and haven't been able to stay off of it today - I've sent it to several of my friends and we're all going to get fired!"

"Thank you so much for setting up our site. I was really surprised when I went on line today and saw you had already entered us."

"You are fast! I checked the site tonight and was very surprised to see both listed already. Thank you so much!"

"I just read about your site in the Chattanooga Times Free Press the other day. This is an awesome thing that you're doing."

"I joined classmates.com once but didn't think I got my money's worth. Thanks for an interesting and FREE site."

"Thank you very much for your generosity in developing Alumz. I saw your article in the paper this morning. What a treat to read about what you have done."

"Thanks for the wonderful "FREE" websites! I couldn't believe how many schools were listed!"

"I saw the article in the Chattanooga paper. I too refuse to pay Classmates.com for email addys!"

"Great story in this morning's paper. I share your feelings about Classmates.com, and I admire your initiative and your altruism."

"Alumz is a good one! And free! By-by Classmates.com for me."

"Thank you so much for this FREE site! I refuse to pay classmates.com, so I have to find out information the best way I can. It's very frustrating."

"I too was discouraged about Classmates.com's fees, restrictions without fees, and "busyness". Thank you for putting your frustrations in such a positive, rewarding manner."

"Great idea! Thanks a bunch!"

"I think this FREE site is great! I'd love to hear from any of you!"

"Cool Site! I hope there are others out there to get things to rolling here. It would be nice to have a chat session with some on. Anyway, I hope to hear from someone soon!"

"This site is great. Just emailed everyone I know about it. Will try and do more."

"Ya gotta like free."

"Thanks and keep up the great work. I love your site."

"You have a very nice site here.. thanks for starting it."

"I'm sure all of you know someone you can get to join in here. After all it's a free site. Classmates got thousands of us to pay and it just crams ads down our throats and asks us for more money. When enough people join in and others visit and see the amount of people we have here they will join in too. This could be a great site. Lets do it."

"Just a quick note to let you know that this is a great site! Keep up the good work."

"I want to thank you for building this site; a place where we can find old friends and not have to pay. It's also very simple to navigate and very organized. You have done a great job! (My pleasure! Mark)"

"Thanks for the hard work you've done helping us keep in touch with classmates. I certainly appreciate the info."

"Thank you so much. Great that you are doing this."

"Thanks for the site. I really appreciate it and will let everyone I know in on it."

"I like the advertising idea.. So instead of paying for the site, we can help bring more people here by visiting the advertisers. I'll do that over paying any day. Nice job!"

"I have been to classmates and if I wanted to talk to all my friends on there it would cost me a arm and a leg because they are on a lot of different sites. Thank you for what you have done and for keeping it free."

"Hey Everyone,
This site is totally free. So tell everyone you know (through other alumni websites) to sign up and start connecting with each other. Think of creative ways to inform others about this FREE site."

"I check this page every day."

"Classmates.com makes me so mad! When I found out about this site, I went on there and did my best to leave a message others could read leading them here!"

"Thanks again for this site! I have links to this site on my profile on classmates and on my website."

"Wow, you are awesome! I got your website address from www.clarkhoward.com under a post for “good customer service” – and that person was sure right!"

"I think it's great that someone finally figured out that keeping in touch with old friends should be free! Don't just sign up for the site, be an active recruiter!!"

"I think this is a very great idea. We as alumni need to communicate and network with each other."

"After signing up for Reunion.com, I was very frustrated, that folks listed on the site never got my emails or responded to me. But I really hope that this site works."

"Thank you so much for doing this for everyone. I will do what I can to get the word out."

"Thank you for this site! I just sent emails to all my friends to let them know about alumz.com. I hope we can build up the site quickly!"

"I'm so glad to find a site where we all can communicate. If you know any alumni, pass this site on to them."

"Thanks for providing this website to anyone who wants to use it for FREE! I have often wondered about people with whom I graduated, but could never find a way to contact them via email with having to pay for it."

"Thank you so much for putting up this site. I was not willing to pay for the other sites such as Reunion.com or Classmates.com."

"Thank you for creating such a great website. Your website is the easiest to use. I wasn't lost by all the "minutia" that's on Classmates."

"Thanks so much for your great free alumni sites. It is a wonderful service you are doing. I just heard about it, joined right away, and have told others about it. Some of them have already joined."

"I really appreciate what you've done... you've done an incredible job!!!"

"Contact your friends and urge them to sign up. The more that participate, the better this site will serve its purpose."

"I think this site is awesome! Thanks for being so generous and doing this for all of us! I really appreciate it."

"It is very exciting to be able to get in touch with old friends without having to spend lots of money. Have a good time with it."

"Let's use this FREE site and GET IN TOUCH!!!"

"This is a great thing! I hope that it catches on! I hardly ever visit Classmates.com since you can't really do anything without paying for it."

"So ya'll get the word out.This site is totally AWESOME."

"I love this!! How did this get started? Please pass along to everyone you are in touch with."

"Let's make this site popular . It's free. Sign up Tell everyone you know about this website."

"I will tell everyone about this website."

"I hope the word gets out about this. I miss my school and my friends."

"I'm glad this got started. I think it is easier then classmates and you dont have to pay."

"I hope this site gets some traffic. I loved the other place until it got too big for it's britches and started charging :)"

"Hi guys so glad to see you registered here. Tell your classmates that we are waitihg to hear from them."

"I love this opportunity to connect with old friends from school....thank you very much!"

"Hey everyone I just filled out my bio and have passed it on to about 9 people myself. Let's all see if we can keep it going as it would be a great thing for everyone."

"This is a GREAT Idea!! I hope that everyone jumps in!"

"I also would like to add my thanks to the creator of this site. I see several other "Eagles" have added their names to the growing list."

"This is a wonderful idea. I go to Classmates all the time to see who is leaving messages, but it seems that very few people talk. So maybe the word will get out and folks will enjoy stopping in for a few minutes."

"Thanks for starting this FREE site for our High School alumni!"

"Thanks for the website! It's great!"

"I just discovered this wonderful site. It is so great because unlike Classmates it is free!"

"This is a great thing. I will pass it to everyone I know. Thanks!"

"I hope all former grads will sign up for this free alumni site. It could be a great place to find an old friend. Please notify anyone you know and let's get this thing going."

"This is a great thing you are doing, and I wish you success. (Thanks, *you* guys make it happen!)"

"I hope that more of our freinds pop up here. There are a lot of them on classmates.com and you don't get to have this much fun over there for free."

"Yeah lets get the word out and get more on here and re-connect with our friends from the good old days of OHS!!!!"

"I think what you are doing is a great idea. I hope it catches on. I plan to tell a lot of my friends about it."

"All of us are frustrated with classmates wanting money."

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"I think your idea for this site is wonderful."

"Thank you for setting up this free web site. I know a lot of people who really appreciate this."

"This is such a wonderful idea and to have the stuff for free is even better."

"Isn't this a much better site? It's free! (And I'm known for being cheap!)"

"Thanks for making this site! I was using classmates.com to browse through old school friends but couldn't read bio's, see pics, or read announcements without paying a monthly charge. So I just got to see names pretty much!"

"This was set up in less than 24 hours with a simple request from me. Pass the word."

"First of all I would like to thank the creator of this website, it is a tremendous idea."

"Seems like classmates is fading."

"Thanks! This a great service that you are providing here!!! What a terrific way to get in touch with people without paying for those crazy prices on the other website!!!"

"My Alumni group is slowly leaving Classmates. ('79) You are doing a great service to all Alumni. Thanks!"

"I think this is a wonderful idea you have, but is it really "free"? (Yes it is!)"

"Hey thanks! I'm just trying to spread the word. Your site helps so much! I'm off to work. Man I miss high school!"

"Thanks for creating this community!"

"Good to see the new responses to this website! Please encourage everyone to sign on and register so everyone can stay in touch as well as hopefuly make for better attended class reunions."

"I really appreciate the person who put together this site. I hope all fellow Pebblebrook alums are doing well. My sincere hope is to reconnect with some friends I haven't heard or seen from in years."

"Thanks for the great web site. I have sent several emails out to classmates and see that they have registered."

"I joined the Ringgold High School alumni site and it is great."

"I've had two emails from graduates and it is so much fun to hear from them."

"Thank you for all of your hard work and effort. With it being 20 plus years now since I was in High School and 20 plus that I have talked to or have even seen some of my class mates, this has been a wonderful "bridge across the waters"."

"This is a great site and I enjoy having one that is easy to access."

"Thanks, Mark for setting this up for all of us.It is awesome. Thanks, Leslie, for letting us know about the site."

"I have lost touched with so many. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have been telling everybody I know about the websites."

"THANK YOU!!!! You are making me so very happy. :-)"

"A BIG THANKS for making this happen!!!.......YOU ROCK!!!"

"Hey Ya'll, I just got an e-mail from Vicki *****! It's so cool to hear from old friends! Thanks again TOM for helping make this happen."

"I hope that every graduate of LFO will join this website. My wife graduated from Ringgold High and she enjoys her school site."

"Thanks for making a great web site. I found a close schoolmate after 33 years. I am a new member and so is he."

"I just want to let you know that I really appreciate you creating this site for former Lafayette High students to be able to reach each other."

"Just checked out your Alumz.com site. What you are doing is incredibly nice. It is so much better than classmates."

"Thanks for your giving spirit. You are appreciated."

"I think it looks great and the upgrades (especially the "bio" part of the person posting) is extremely useful! Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together and keeping it rolling!"

"Looks good. Thanks for all your hard work on this."

"Alumz was kind enough to put this site together for us. Please sign in and post your own message. This is a great site to find old friends and catch up."




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